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Frequently Asked

How often should I have my chimney swept?

  • You should get your chimney swept at least once a year

  • Most insurance companies require thatched homes to be swept 2 times a year at a minimum. Speak to your insurance company to check what your policy requires

  • We will send you a reminder via email or post when your annual sweep is due

How long does a chimney sweep take?

  • For an lined flue, a sweep usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • For unlined stoves and open fires, it can take a little longer depending on access to and height of the flue

  • Inglenook fires can take 2+ hours to sweep

What fuel should I burn?

  • Ready To Burn certified smokeless coal and kiln dried logs are the best fuel for your stove or open fire

  • Well seasoned logs that measure under 20% moisture content (you can pick up moisture meters easily online or from our showroom)

  • Eco-pellets are also a great fuel and sustainable too!

  • Burning the wrong or wet fuel can lead to tar build up in your flue that can increase the risk of chimney fires

Do I need a chimney cowl?

  • Cowls are stainless steels caps that can be attached onto a chimney pot

  • If you're experiencing down drafts or birds nesting in your chimney, installing a cowl will help with air flow and block any pesky birds from getting onto your pot

  • If you think you might need a cowl, send us an email with information about the issues you're experiencing and some pictures of your chimney pot

What should I do to prepare for a chimney sweep?

  • Ensure your fire is extinguished 24 hours before we arrive (this gives it time to completely cool)

  • Clear the area around the fireplace/stove of objects, ornaments and furniture

  • Remove any ash from the inside the stove/grate

  • Please let us know before the appointment where the best place is for us to park

  • Try and keep children and animals out of the room during the sweep as we use power tools and sharp equipment

What does Ecodesign ready mean?

  • From the 1st January 2022 the new Ecodesign Regulations were enforced. These set new minimum efficiency and maximum emission requirements for solid fuel stoves.

  • Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new limits will be able to be sold and installed legally within the UK

How do I clean my stove glass?

  • Wet a bit of kitchen roll and dab it in wood ash of your fire

  • Wipe the glass in a circular motion until clear

  • Use a dry bit of kitchen roll to remove any smears

  • For more stubborn staining, we stock a range of specialised gels and sprays designed to tackle these more troublesome marks 

Do I need a Carbon Monoxide alarm?

  • The law in England and Wales states that new or replacement solid fuel installations MUST have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the same room that the appliance is fitted

  • The alarm must be permanently installed and should incorporate a self-test and audible alert if the battery or detector cell develops a fault.

  • We always install a carbon monoxide alarm when we come to install your new stove

  • We also have them available for purchase as our showroom

  • Remember to test your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms regularly

What is HETAS?

  • HETAS stands for Heating Equipment and Testing Approval Scheme

  • HETAS are a non-profit organisation that are the leading training and governing body for multi-fuel installers and chimney sweeps

  • HETAS registered installers can self-certificate their work thus avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming Building Notice applications to the local Building Control Department

  • Our installers and chimney sweeps are all HETAS registered and regularly undertake courses to ensure they are up to date with all new regulations and safety procedures

  • Find out more about HETAS here

When is your showroom open?

  • Our showroom is open -
    Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 - 16:00 Saturdays: 10:00 - 13:00

  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

I've contacted you - how long before I get a reply?

  • If you have any questions or queries we will always try and get back to you as soon as possible. During busy periods this may take up to 3 working days

Helpful Links!

HETAS offer some really helpful guides and tips for customers and new wood burner users. Follow the links below for more information  - 


What size stove is right for my room?

  • The output and size of your stove is calculated depending on the space to be heated. This along with other factors such as air source and location, will indicate the ideal appliance size 

  • Correct sizing leads to greater efficiency and more effective heating. We would always encourage this to be calculated and advised upon by one of our HETAS registered installers

Why do I need my flue lining?

  • A flue liner is a stainless steel tube erected inside your chimney that attaches to the back or top of your stove

  • Having your flue lined  significantly helps with the efficiency of your stove

  • Not lining your flue can void the warranty of your stove

  • A lined flue lowers the risk of chimney fires

  • All our our liners have a 35 year warranty

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