A regular chimney sweep helps to remove soot, birds nests and other blockages which can be found in your chimney.  Failure to have your chimney maintained can result in chimney fires, structural damage and exposure to harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide.

Having your chimney swept also helps to improve the air flow through your appliance and increase it's efficiency. Most insurance companies now request that your chimney is swept at least once per year and will require proof in the from a Chimney Sweep Certificate which we issue after every sweep. 

Our team are all HETAS Registered Installers and fully trained Chimney Sweeps so as well as a chimney sweep we will also do a safety check on your appliance, any faults we find will be noted on your certificate. Safety is paramount to us & we pride ourselves on giving you peace of mind that your appliance is not only clean but also safely installed.