Another service we offer is birds nest removal, we have the latest equipment specially designed to get the nests out as safely and as quickly as possible, which means your fireplace or stove installation can be back up and running in no time. 


The most common culprits for these nests are Jackdaws, they can build large nests very quickly using what ever they can carry, twigs, grass, moss, sheeps wool, bailing twine, even metal thatching pins. These nests cause blockages that prevent combustion gasses from venting which creates a fire risk and also puts you in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Along with this the bird droppings carry dangerous bacteria which carry diseases. 

This being said, we are unable remove any live nest during the nesting period (March - September) as it is illegal to remove or destroy the eggs & nest of any wild bird. So it's vital that you contact us as soon as you see any signs of pests nesting in your chimney, if we catch them early we can bird proof your flue. 

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